Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Every Youth Every Facility Coalition?

The Every Youth Every Facility Coalition is a group of ministries, churches, organizations, and individuals coming together to ensure that every juvenile offender in lockup is given the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why is a Coalition needed?

Each year, over 1 million youth are arrested and 500,000 sent to detention.

By current estimates, only 35% of locked-up youth have access to faith-based programming that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

No single ministry, church, or individual can reach all of the juvenile offenders in lockup.  Only by combining our resources can we reach the remaining 70%.

By providing a single location for training, materials, and resources, as well as the latest information on where juvenile offenders are not being reached, we can connect, equip, and support those going into lockup and reach 100% of all juvenile offenders.

Will it make a difference?

Absolutely.  While only the first step, it is the most important step that a juvenile offender can make.

Lockup is a time of crisis, but it is also a time of opportunity.  Choosing a new direction will not only impact their life, but after release, it will lead to restored families, renewed communities, and renewed hope.

Who started the Every Youth Every Facility Coalition?

The Every Youth Every Facility initiative came about from the discussions of three ministries:  Straight Ahead Ministries, Youth for Christ, and Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries.  While meeting to discuss strategies and experiences in reaching juvenile offenders, they established the goal of reaching 100% of juvenile offenders.

What is the Coalition doing now?

In Fall 2016, twelve organizations, representing a diverse set of ministries, churches, denominations, and universities, met to formalize and kick-off the Every Youth Every Facility initiative.

During 2019, the Coalition is focused on:

  • Identifying every Youth Detention Facility in the United States

  • Identifying every Ministry currently serving a Youth Detention Facility

  • Identifying 50 Founding Organization Members

  • Identifying 15 Organization Members to collectively provide an initial portfolio of training materials, curriculum, and best practices to be made available to all members

  • Establishing a Prayer Network

  • Providing Quarterly Updates on the latest research, statistics, and upcoming events in juvenile justice ministry

Who can join the Every Youth Every Facility Coalition?

There are two levels of membership: Organization and Individual.

How does my Organization join the Every Youth Every Facility Coalition?

There is a short on-line application form on the website.

In addition to contact information, we ask that you confirm your commitment to the Vision, Mission, and Statement of Faith of the Every Youth Every Facility Coalition.

Additionally, we ask you to be represented on the Every Youth website and consider having your ministry tools and resources made available on the Every Youth website.

How much does it cost to join?


Who is paying for the Every Youth Every Facility Coalition?

Straight Ahead Ministries is sponsoring the Every Youth Every Facility Coalition by providing the initial funding and personnel to launch the initiative.

Can I contribute towards the Every Youth Every Facility Coalition?


Every Youth Every Facility is currently housed at Straight Ahead Ministries, which is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.

Donations will be receipted by Straight Ahead Ministries and will be deposited into a separate Every Youth account.  Donations can be made online at, specifying “Every Youth Every Facility”.  Alternatively, you can mail your donation to Straight Ahead Ministries, 791 Main Street, Worcester, MA, 01610, specifying “Every Youth” on the Memo line.

When can Individuals join the Every Youth Every Facility Coalition?

Current membership is limited to Organizations.

We expect to open membership to Individuals in Fall 2019.

What are the plans for the next-generation Every Youth website?

The current website is focused on building the founding members of the Every Youth Every Facility Coalition.

The next-generation website is currently under development and will include:

  • Individual and Church Membership

  • Member Profiles

  • Member Spotlights

  • Dynamic Map of Juvenile Detention Facilities with current faith-based programming

  • Dynamic Counts of Coalition Members, Youth Served, and Facilities Served

  • Complete set of Training, Curriculum, and Resources

  • Latest information on Events, Research, and Statistics in Juvenile Justice Ministry

How can I find out more?

Email us at or call at 508.981.8330.